Chefs Hiring Chefs

Finding a qualified Chef and hiring a Chef, can be a difficult and daunting task.  The fact that Chef Placement Services has done it day in and day out for the last decade, is a clear time-saving and money-saving advantage for you and your business.

  • That mind-boggling stack of resumes on your desk…toss’em out.
  • Those job ads you spent time and money on posting…take’em down.
  • Those second interviews with not-so-sure Chef candidates…cancel’em.

Hire the Chef experts and hire the right Chef the first time!  Sure you can enlist other hospitality recruitment firms to help find a Chef for your kitchen, but how much do they really know about what it takes to run the back of the house?  How much focus do those companies have on true culinary traits and skills?  How many HR folks have actually worked the line or operated a restaurant?  Let us take care of hiring your Chef so you can run your business.

How to Make Your Chef Stay

Chef Placement Services is like NO other hospitality/food-service recruiter.  There are members on our teams that have hired more Chefs than anyone on the planet #truestory.  We know what it takes to secure a Chef and we know what it takes to keep your Chef.


Don’t settle. You’ve got a problem, and we’ve got your answer. Ready to find your chef? Want to learn more about our process?