What We Do

Hiring A Chef is serious business.  So much depends on your kitchen and what comes out of the kitchen that hiring the right Chef can make or break your business.

Chef Placement Services is owned and operated by Chefs and restaurant professionals.  The know-how and value we can provide to you is like no other company.  #fact

Rock Star Process

Here’s How It Works:

  • A Chef Specialist will identify your challenging areas and carefully examine what you want or don’t want in your new Chef.
  • Using our massive Chef database, we then target Chefs based on your specific needs for the position.
  • Using years of experience and relationships, we begin vetting interested and qualified Chef candidates.
  • By conducting reference checks, employment verifications, skill assessments, personality assessments and background checks, you can be sure that the Chefs you talk to are Rock Stars and are ready to be hired.

Our teams will help you by freeing you up to focusing on running your business.  Exposing your business and the position to a global Chef pool, is a huge advantage.  Not to mention our skills and strategies refine your Chef hiring process to the best Chef candidates in the market.

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