About Us


In the future there will be an awesome avenue for finding solid and dependable line cooks through Chef Placement Services.
There is no chef role we cannot fill. Typically it makes more sense to reach out to a local chef for a one time event. Our processes are for full-time positions.
Sure. Our main focus and strength is chefs, but with our vast experience in the market, we have placed directors and general managers.
No, but the type of cuisine will play a factor in the type and level of placement contract that is negotiated.
All the time. Remote placements are a bit different and as long as the client understands the demographic and logistic restraints, our processes don’t change.
We will work at your pace and help coordinate the most logical and suitable arrangement.
Being informed is good business sense.  Answers to all your questions are a click or a phone call away.

Our Process

It’s simple.  We use sophisticated and secure internet based processing.  Old school methods are and will always be, an option.  Whatever works best for you. You can either call our toll-free number (877) 479-3590 and get connected to a consultant or click here and fill out the form and a regional team member will contact you directly.
There is a “secret sauce”. No - Not Thousand Island dressing. We have spent a decade and a substantial amount of capital to build our massive chef rolodex. We also use ads and social media to connect with candidates that are not in our system.
Using carefully crafted interview platforms and expert culinary knowledge, we diligently vet each candidate to make sure the resume, personality and skills match up.
Chefs break down the chef candidate by drilling them with acute culinary questions. Examining creativity, drive and experience are just the tip of the iceberg.
We check criminal records of county, state, and federal districts within the last 7 years, as well as sex offender searches, social security traces, and alias investigations.
It varies. Having options is a good thing. Supply and demand will always dictate the overall number.
We are only successful when you are successful. Our commitment is to you, our client, so down shifting or resetting is possible. Chef Placement Services is agile and flexible.
You are in control and could have a decision to make within days.
We guarantee you will want to hire a prime candidate. You negotiate with the chef and we present the formal offer to them on your behalf.
This is always a potential risk, whether the hired chef was through Chef Placement Services or from another avenue. However, longevity of an employee is dependent on the quality of retention measures you have in place.
The first invoice (50%) of the fee is billed out on the date of hire. The balance is then billed out at the end of the guarantee period.
This is why you are reading this FAQ. We are only as good as honest and straight-forward as you are. Be blunt and clear and we will be able to take the burden away by vetting a chef accordingly.
We deal with this daily. We recommend conference with all decision makers so to not let points of interest, questions and concerns get lost in translation. It's your decision and you are in control.

The Agreement

Culinary Consulting

We do given certain circumstances. We always will look to provide as much help with in the scope of hiring a chef. Because we have years of experience, we tend to provide value added advice at no extra charge.
Salary plays a major role in obtaining and retaining your new chef. Along with that, the extremely competitive nature of the industry is moving towards other benefits and perks that will allow for a comfortable lifestyle. Ultimately, it comes down to what you are willing to afford, but keep in mind the market value of your position.
Chefs are artists. They love to create and cook to please patrons. Ultimately the lifestyle component plays a huge factor in longevity.