Our Story

The story of Chef Placement Services starts with the growing need for professional Chefs for its parent company, College Chefs.  College Chefs’ CEO, Kevin Gadus, had a need for professional Chefs on a national scale and his vision was to create a new way of culinary recruiting.  After years of development, Chef Gadus launched Chef Placement Services.

Focusing on your specific needs, Chef Placement Services has revolutionized the Chef hiring process.  Using streamlined processes and sophisticated technologies, the placement teams of Chef Placement Services have an unmatched ability to, not only find Chefs, but vet Chefs so that you will hire the right Chef.

Terms like “Rock Star” are common within our company culture.  We know the commercial kitchen is not for the faint of heart and hiring the right Chef for your kitchen can make or break your business.  This is why we have restaurant industry pros and seasoned professional Chefs that you will deal with directly.

We understand kitchen culture, and it’s by no accident that Chef Placement Services is the premier chef recruitment service in the country. Doesn’t it make sense to have a team of top notch chefs working for you?

How to Incentivize Key Positions

We Are Chefs. We Know Kitchens.